A Hearty Breakfast

I am a big breakfast person. On the weekdays, I only have time to have some cereal before I run out the door to work. On the weekends, my new ritual is making omelettes. It is super easy – only takes about 10 minutes total.  I used to not know how to make them – every time I would try to make an omelette, I would end up frustrated because it would end up a runny mess – more scrambled than anything. I found out the trick to making it an actual omelette.  Here is how I do it…


-2 eggs

-Chopped onion, cherry tomatoes and spinach

-Chopped avocado

-Two pieces of toast

I mix up the two eggs on a pan with olive oil (making sure the olive oil is spread evenly throughout the pan).  I then add in all of the ingredients (minus the avocado), with some garlic and herbs, turn on the stove to a higher heat and let it all sit for about 5 minutes. By that time, it should have all solidified (you can tell by flipping up just a corner, if it’s still runny or if it’s solid).  I used to overeagerly try to flip it over too soon, which is why it would end up a scrambled mess, not an omelette. The trick is letting it sit for a good few minutes.  I then turn over half of the omelette so it becomes a half circle.  Then flip it over once more to the other side.

Once it’s done, I top it off with some avocado, hot sauce and himalayan sea salt and plop it on two slices of toast. This is what mine came out like..


Tasty, huh ?


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