Vegetable Curry

I am a huge fan of Indian food. It’s super heavy so I don’t eat it every day.  And until today, I never really tried to make any Indian dish chez moi (at home).  But I have an easy recipe for you folks. If I had all day to cook, I would make the curry from scratch. But I don’t. So this is the recipe that I used – and I thought it turned out quite well.

1 Bottle of Tikki Massala from Whole Foods (can subsitute with any kind of curry sauce – even better if it’s homemade – one day I will have the recipe for that, as well…)

1 red pepper, cherry tomatoes, onion, garlic, ginger, broccoli…any other vegetables that suit your fantasy.

1 packet of whole grain wild rice and beans (comes in a packet together…once again…at Whole Foods!)

First, I chop up the veggies and pour them into a pot with a bit of olive oil, adding in the curry. I add some spices – like turmeric and garlic/herbs. keep it on a low simmer for about half an hour, maybe longer.  Meanwhile, I boil some water and cook the wild rice/beans mix – this takes about half an hour as well.

Voila! This is how mine turned out (I swear it’s better than it looks).  Next time, I may try adding some chopped nuts as well.



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