Garlic & Almond Asparagus

Asparagus is an amazing vegetable.  It is packed with nutrients, helps improve mental ability and even fights against cancer.  Read about all of the benefits here. It’s expensive but definitely worth the cost.

Here is how I like to make it: simply chop up a few cloves of garlic and cook it over a stove with at least 10 pieces of thin asparagus.  Add some garlic and herb spices (a little bottle that you can buy at Whole Foods for $5), sliced almonds and cook everything over medium heat – be sure that you turn the asparagus so that they cook evenly on both sides!

They should be done in about five minutes.  Then take a slice of lemon and squeeze onto everything. Voila! So the only ingredients that you need are: asparagus, almonds, garlic, garlic & herbs and lemon.  Easy, right?

Here is my final product:



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