Ginger tea/juice

Ginger has many benefits.  It is used primarily to treat and help with stomach and digestive problems (which is why my mom always told me to drink ginger ale when I had a stomach ache…now it all makes sense!).  It also improves circulation, so you get a nice rosy glow when you drink it! Read more about more of the benefits here.

If you want to reap some of the awesome benefits of this amazing root, here are a few things that you can make.

Ginger tea

All you have to do is boil water, put some chopped ginger in the boiled water and let it cook for about 10 minutes.  It should still be quite hard after boiling, but the water will be concentrated with ginger – and there you have it! Some ginger tea! I always add some lemon to the tea/water because not only does it taste much better, but lemon helps to bring out all of the benefits.

Ginger juice

If you prefer the drink cold, here is another way of making it: Chop up ginger and put it in a blender with some water. Blend and then strain it into another cup/pitcher, so you get all of the little ginger bits out. Add some squeezed lemon.  Then put in the fridge or add some ice to make it cold. Super refreshing on a hot summer day!

(The recipe seen below comes from the awesome book that Mareill gave me, called Clean Eats – has a lot of very good recipes in there – highly recommend!)



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